Budapest Spring Festival

Marta Sebestyen, UNESCO Artist for Peace is one of the most outstanding performers of the Budapest Spring Festival. /// 27 March, 2014 / Palace of Arts

mupa2014This exclusive concert will evoke voices and pictures together. Movies going on from leading directors around the world will recall the most determining persons, artists, and moments influencing the folk singer. Together with Marta, famous Hungarian and international musicians will perform. (Judit Andrejszki, Pal Havasreti, and Éric Mouquet are just few names of those well-known artists.) The concert has been quoted as one of the most awaited concerts in 2014 on Women’s Portal. To buy tickets, click here!

Donation concert in Badacsonytomaj

Thanks to a European Union tender and many Hungarian artists who supported the good cause, the vicarage in Badacsonytomaj have managed to buy a new organ. The original instrument was made in 1942, however it has never been finished.  It was renovated in 2007, but it was clear by that time that the organ could never be extended. In the last year, Marta Sebestyen, Anna Kubrik, Laura Farago, the Saint Ephrem Male Choir and many other famous artists gave charity performances to make it possible to buy a new Content 346/R type concert instrument.


Saint Ephraim Days

Saint Ephraim male Choir organized a unique event from 24 to 26 January at the ‘capital’ of the Hungarian Greek Catholic population: Nyiregyhaza, in Eastern Hungary. The three-day programme focused on the various branches and fields of Byzantine rite church art, including music, graphic arts, church history and liturgical philosophy.


Students and trainee priests of the Szent Atanáz Theology Institute performed Ludus Danielis, a well-known but rarely presented mystery play from 13th century France, Saint Ephraim Male Choir gave a concert with the famous Hungarian folk singer MARTA SEBESTYEN and NEKTARIA KARANTZI, an excellent and most authentic performer of Greek Byzantine liturgical music.

The event that is called ‘Saint Ephraim Days’ is planned to be an annual event that represents the most important cultural achievements of the Byzantine rite.

Sebestyén Márta a Ridikül adásában

ridikul1 Many people say that the young generation cannot really speak. How do Hungarians talk on the bus, in the streets, with family and friends? Slangs, internet language, and media influence. These questions have been discussed in ‘Ridikul’, a popular TV show on 7th January, 2014. (Stay tuned and we publish the video as soon as it gets available!)