Megjelent Sebestyén Márta új karácsonyi albuma

Voices of Angels

A new Christmas album has just arrived from Marta Sebestyen and her grandiose guest artists – Judit Andrejszki, Ivan Barvich, Andras Demjen, Pal Havasreti, Caius Hera, and Bela Szerenyi. This album also launched in a postcard format – just like the last year’s CD. You can buy it in the publisher’s web shop or soon in ‘Lira es Lant’ book stores. Please find our corresponding concert dates in our Event Calendar.

Újból Héttorony Fesztivál!

Pünkösdi Régizene FesztiválSeven Towers Festival is coming soon again. Organized by Fono Budai Zenehaz, the festival starts on 8th November and features the most prominent Hungarian artists such as Marta Sebestyen, Judit Andrejszki, Muzsikas Ensemble, Sebo Ensemble, Maria Petras, Kalman Balogh (and many others). The symbol of seven towers has appeared in the Hungarian history many centuries ago and always carried the same meaning: it expresses the rich cultural heritage of the Carpatian Basin. Music is one of the most revealing ways of  presenting this unique treasure. This year the concerts will also go beyond the Hungarian borders as artists will visit Kolozsvar (Cluj-Napoca, Romania), Csikszereda (Miercurea Ciuc, Romania), Dunaszerdahely (Dunajská Stredam, Slovakia) and Csetfalva (Ukraine).

Marta Sebestyen will perform together with Judit Andrejszki and Caius Hera in Kolozsvar, Romania on the 13th November (20:00 h local time). See our related programme in our Event Calendar

Further details (in Hungarian) are here.

Source: / Photo: Laszlo Perger