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PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE GOING ON: Only requests with proper specifications are considered. If you write an inquiry, please give all the details of your event: exact time (date:time), location / venue, programme, requested show / setup, requested duration, technical facilities, proposed contractual terms. Due to the large number of requests, we cannot process your inquiry otherwise. Thank You for your understanding! (Congratulations, requests for music cooperations, and personal messages should not be sent to ‘booking’.) ¬†¬†

All concert or media requests should be sent to the following email address:

Photo downloads are facilitated in the confirmation email. Please note that actual & official media photos are not the ones presented in our Galeries. Please also consider most gallery pictures are subject to third parties’ copyrights as well. takes no responsiblity for the reuse of any pictures other than officially sent in confirmation emails.

3 thoughts on “BOOKING

  1. I really need to tell ..once more… very much THANK YOU, Marta Sebestyen, for wonderful.. wonderful… Christmas concert in Novi Sad, Serbia, 13.12.2015.
    I really hope You will come to Novi Sad again. If you have some concert in Hungary, on which I can come, I will come, for sure.
    Budapest is only 330 km far from Novi Sad… Not impossible to visit Marta’s concert there.
    Definitely, Marta Sebestyen is voice of angel.

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