Sebestyén Márta koncertje Montenegróban

On 8th May, 2012 Marta Sebestyen, Judit Andrejszki, Pal Havasreti, and the Sebo Ensemble gave an enchanting music performance to the Montenegrin audience in Podgorica. The following summary is a excerpt from Pobjeda, a local newspaper.

Marta Sebestyen is one of the folk music singers performing so convincingly and with much emotion that the audience of our times can instantly receive the message of different cultures and century-old spiritual heritage. Vivifying ancient musical isntruments and tunes, Marta Sebestyen and her friends performed with charm, honesty, and professionalism at the Montenegrin National Theatre.

“Folk music is my everday bread. I could not live without these tunes, they are just like a daily vitamine intake or energy; so spiritual, powerful, and emotional.”

In the past few years, as Marta Sebestyen noted, young people has become much more interested in discovering their roots. Folk music is one way to learn about their cultural identity.

“There is a tendecy wordwide to promote the notion of ‘being uniformzed’. However, it is dangerous to lose your past – in fact, who are you without it? More and more citizens of Europe are realizing this, even when their leaders do not understand it.”

“Small nations are to show their diversity and culture. Relatively poor countries can have a very rich cultural heritage indeed; and it is extremely important to save this heritage for the future. You can regain any financial loss over time; however you cannot regain you culture after losing it. Folk music represents this message and I am proud to be part of this mission” – said Marta Sebestyen.

Source: Pobjeda

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