A bennünk élő hazaszeretet

The songs of Marta Sebestyen were flying through the Vicarage Temple decorated with Maulbertsch frescos. The well-known singer performed with her musician friends, Judit Andrejszki, Pal Havasreti, and Caius Hera in front of a full-house audience.

The concert presented the universal values of songs, the artists were honored with a standing ovation at the end.

– The audience was wonderful in Sumeg – Marta Sebestyen, Unesco Artist for Peace commented – I had immediately felt we were on the same emotional track in the very moment I stepped in. Love was just radiated towards us. The huge temple was full, the people were listening carefully all along. This was my first invitation to Sumeg, it was a pleasure to be here. I hope we are going to meet again soon.


Excerpt from veol.hu, author: Anna Tisler

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